School for my Special Needs Child, predictably Unpredictable

Today Zack is 17, in the 11th grade, and in regular education classes. This has taken place after years of being in a LD Neuroscience classroom (Learing disabilities neurologically impaired), with many accommodations. Yet, even with so many accommodations, school is still incredibly difficult and uncertain. We have been very fortunate that he has the most amazing, loving, caring teacher I think that was ever put on this earth ! We nominated her last year for the Golden Apple Award, a honor given to teachers here in the Greenville County School District. She was chosen based on the essay we submitted about her and the wonderful care, love, and education she gives our children. Here is the clip from that broadcast (yes, that is me the sobbing, blubbering fool) . My emotions were so high becasue this precious young lady has been such a HUGE gift to Zack.

Transitioning from a self-contained classroom into regular education classes has been, well, touchy at best. Zack still has many accommodations in place and is able to go to the self-contained class if he needs to, which is often. He is unable to tolerate or manage any kind of frustration at all, and quickly escalates and ends up “shutting down” completely most times.

As his mom, I am required by the school to be “on call” at all times in case I am needed there to help with him, which is often. But, that too is all so unpredictable, depending on his stability at the time. I may have a week with no calls and not have to go to the school, or I may get multiple calls a day. Navigating the schooling of a special needs child is a daunting task at best. The only thing you can count on, that we can count on is that he is, each day, Predictably Unpredictable .


5 thoughts on “School for my Special Needs Child, predictably Unpredictable

  1. First off, great blog because it’s so nice that parents with special needs kids feel like they are not alone! Second, it’s nice to know there are teachers out there like your son’s and that you are able to be there to help when needed. I think it’s really amazing the great attitude your son has as well. He looks like he really does his best and is a champion!

  2. I love your blog! My 15 year old has a reading comprehension, and the schools are great, help him in any way he needs, he goes to tutoring once a week with our neighbor who is a teacher, he received his report card and he received a 76 for Language Arts. Which is great for him. Thank you for having this blog and letting people hear your story!

  3. A good school can make a huge difference, an excellent teacher can make an even bigger one! I love the story and I’m glad your son has a teacher he works well with in the classroom. This is an awesome story!!

    And I love your accent!! LoL!

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