For my Daughter…you are my Sunshine

For my daughter who has been through so much. For my daughter who has had to have her life, needs, wants often put on a “lets wait” status. For her, and so many other siblings of special needs children who so often feel unimportant, or a bystander in their family and life as the constant needs of their siblings are met. You are all the unsung heros.


You are my Sunshine
You are my Love
You are my heart
You are my Joy
YOU are MY daughter

The day you were born is when my life became complete.
The day you were born, my heart was full.

Zac and Kelsie

The pat of your sweet hand on my back,
The sound of your sweet voice,
The soft breathing as you slept,
Food for my soul

Eyes Bright, big and beautiful,
Sparkle with wonder and delight.
A smile that reflects the beauty
Of you


Your years filled with trials,
Your days filled with questions.
Your heart trying to find its way

Your heart never to be broken,
Your life to be never ending joy.
Dreams that come true
All my hopes for you

Your strength I admire.
Your Character I am proud.
A spirit I enjoy
With beauty beyond compare

713679342_Y84Ax-M kels

To know you is a pleasure.
To love you a joy.
To be your mother, a Blessing
For you to love me,
A Gift

I hope all your dreams come true.
I know you will be Amazing in all you do.
I am certain you will soar
I Believe in You !

You are my Sunshine
You are my Love
You are my Heart
You are my Joy
You are MY Daughter

713762581_WAX9X-Ti k and k


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