I call a Re-Do

I woke up this morning and thought…Oh no, that does NOT count !!!

What I just did, what I just had, does not qualify or count as sleep.

Have you ever had one of those nights and mornings??
I call a re-do…a sleep re-do

Because that night of tossing, turning, thinking, worrying does in NO way count as sleep.

I toss, think, fluff my pillows (all 6 of them), too hot, too cold.

Dogs on my feet, dogs on my legs, dogs on my head

It’s a real 3 ring circus at out house and in our bed.

But, I love my pups, they are my babies, now that my babies are too big, so I can’t find the heard to kick them out.

So, up I am, mad that I didn’t sleep well and proclaim a Re-Do

That, unfortunately I won’t get to attempt until tonight.


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