No one is Perfect and You are a Great Kid. The Book.

Welcome to our Story raising and Loving a child with mental health challenges


No one is Perfect and YOU are a Great Kid

Author: Kim Hix Genre: Children’s Nonfiction/Special Needs Winner of Best Children’s Book for ages 6 and under

Reader Views Award for 2007 Annual Literary Awards

Synopsis: No One is Perfect and YOU are a Great Kid is a lovely book written about Zack, a young boy who struggles daily with ever changing moods. He tries to understand why he gets very sad, upset, discouraged and angry in response to what most would consider insignificant events. Zack often feels different, left out, and isolated due to his moods. He poses thought provoking questions to his audience that can spur some meaningful conversation.

This book will touch your heart and anyone who has a special child in their life who struggles with any degree of emotional, behavorial, or psychiatric disorder.


     Book responses:   I purchased your book, and it came in the mail today. My 13 year old son, Scott, and I read it immediately. I could barely get through it without crying. Zack sounds just like Scott! It was very helpful for him to hear someone else struggles like he does. Thank you for a wonderful book!!! Sincerely, P I love children‘s books in general, but books that address specific needs appeal to me for a variety of reasons. Kim’s book is unique in that it is based on her son, Zack, and his struggle to fit in with his peers. I have a daughter who is beautiful, funny, caring and graduating this May from high school…and she has a learning disability. The last six years have been a struggle for both of us. She’s felt alone, lost, and often isolated from her peer group because she isn’t able to do what her friends are able to do. She’s 19 and still doesn’t have a license, a job, and just passed the exam to allow her to graduate—a year after most of her peers have graduated. Kim’s book is for children like Zack and my daughter. I encourage you to invest in a copy of the book for any child you know who just doesn’t seem to fit in. Don’t wait. The earlier you can begin reading this story to your son or daughter, grandson or granddaughter, niece or nephew…the better his/her life will be. We can’t fix everything. We can’t fix much, actually. Thanks to Kim Hix and her book “No One is Perfect and You are a Great Kid”, we can at least let our children know we understand and they are not alone in this big, huge world. I’m giving “No One is Perfect and You are a Great Kid” four out of five bookmarks with a gold star—everyone needs a gold star, don’t you agree?

   We are on a mission to bring awareness and understanding to this very misunderstood subject. We hope to reach millions of children who feel different, alone and rejected and let them know they do not suffer alone !!! We appreciate your time to visit this site and read the information.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or to order the book

Faith, love, hope, Kim and Zack Hix

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