1 in 4, Mental illness is the Devil



Since my last post, and yes it has been a while. Things have been very chaotic her at the Hix household.

My last post shared information and the story of my sweet daughter and her recent suicide attempt.

Well, here we are again. Another suicide attempt, thankfully not as severe or life threatening as the first.

Her depression, her demons, are finding ways to take over and manipulate her mind and her logic.

As is the case with all mental illness

.kels lookin kool

She is home again, taking each day with bated breath, as do we, her family.

I get angry often. Wouldn’t you?


Why my child? Why both my children? WHY??

There is no answer, there is no “cure” as is with many illnesses of the physical body. People with Mental illness must learn to live in this limbo, this torture, this uncertainty most of the time, for life. If they are lucky, the proper medications may bring on some mental vacation, a reprieve of some kind, for a while, or maybe a long while .

But, it’s always there.

When will the world wake up?

Mental illness is REAL.

Remember this…….1 in 4

ITs not a character flaw, or the inability to “will” yourself better or logical, or stable.

Comedian, Ruby Wax does a great job explaining this all in her TEDx talk, Whats so funny about Mental illness?


If you or a loved on lie with and suffer with a mental illness, please share this informative and funny video. We must educate the world that this is real, it is an ILLNESS and every bit as life threatening as cancer, tumors or other terminal ailments of the body.

Knowledge IS Power