Parents Please Beware #Spice #K2Drug #Potpourri Talk to your kids

Parents listen to me

 I just found out about this dangerous, LEGAL drug our kids are using. PLEASE talk to your kids. If you are the parent of a Teen or Tween please watch this and make yourself aware and informed. I have one of those sweet, “good girls” and I had NO idea about this ! Shocking to me since I pride myself on knowing EVERYTHING  🙂

My daughter and I thankfully have a very open relationship, she is very open with me and discusses most things with me freely. She recently told me she has tried pot, to which I was not surprised, expected as a teenager she would eventually try it ( she is 15) I told her that while I did not want her doing it, did not like it, that I knew she would probably try it again, and if I found out about it and felt it was a problem I would start taking her for drug testing. There is a local drug testing site anyone can use in our town.  If she  tested positive consequences would follow.

So, during conversation yesterday asked her if she had smoked again, (feeling that she had that day for various reasons, so I asked her) I told her if she was truthful and admitted she did then we would deal with it, but if I felt she was hiding something we were going on a field trip to be drug tested.

She said yes, she had, the night before.

I asked if she had anymore and she turned over her “stash”.  When I saw it I almost laughed, it was a little ball about the size of a dime. (Sorry to say this girl is a self confessed old time pot head. I know my stuff) So, I took it out, smelled it and said

this is not pot

Yes it is” per my daughter

“No it isn’t, I know what pot looks like and smells like, this is NOT Pot

We proceeded to discuss things, the danger of smoking, how it can lead to other, more dangerous drugs etc.  Well about 30 min later we were discussing again and she said “B (boyfriend) thinks its K2/Spice….well, I had no idea what that was. So, the investigator I am Googled it. This is what I found. Please watch this piece from the Huffington Post

Spice Drug

I made she and B sit and watch too. We all again discussed this stuff, how dangerous it is, mixed with who knows what and so on.

 Again, about 2 hrs later, while alone, she said “mom, pls don’t think I’m bad. Please don’t. When I did that stuff last night if freaked me out. It was so strange, almost like hallucinating, I was so scared and didn’t know what to do” ( well, for one thing she has been told to call either me or her dad in any kind of situation like this that may occur. We will get her home safe and talk later)

Parents pls talk to your children !!!  If my “good girl” the one that has always had good grades and doesn’t get into trouble can let herself be “peer pressured” into trying this stuff, yours can too.

 For her, my good girl, to do this, try this, caught me off guard.

ANY of our kids are vulnerable to this and other stuff and more.